Mental Health Support for Pupils

What is Mental Health?

What is Anxiety?

The video to the left explains what Anxiety is and what place it takes in us in todays world. It will help you to understand that Anxiety is a completely normal thing to feel and everyone experiences it.

You are not your thoughts

This video explains some of the things you can try when you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. After the video, take a few moments to observe your thoughts with curiosity, paying attention to how each one makes you feel. Paying attention to your thoughts and sorting through them takes practice and patience.

How to cope with Anxiety?

Worried about exams? Get information on the symptoms of anxiety, why you feel nervous and what you can do. 


Contact ChildLine online or call free on 0800 1111.


Get help and advice on exam stress, anxiety and panic attacks at​.


Talk to a counsellor and get confidential advice:

The Avengers - Happiness & Motivation

The clip to the right is a motivation video based on The Avenger characters. It gives a snap shot at the positive mental attitudes that helped each character and highlights that these same attitudes can help you.

Self Compassion - Audio Meditation

This audio meditation helps you develop kindness and compassion towards yourself. Use this meditation to acknowledge physical pain or unpleasant emotions without harshness or judgment. Follow along with the meditation, noticing your breath and recognizing unpleasant sensations as useful signals.

Sleep: A bedtime story

This is a bedtime​ ritual you may follow every night, if you wish.


It walks you through preparing for sleep​.


This video will give you tips on how to calm down before bedtime and hopefully relax your mind and get you into a sleepy groove!

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